Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy FAQ
  • Does it matter how many years I have smoked? No. results do vary but how many years you have smoked does not seem to be a factor in success.
  • Can Hypnotherapy help with smokeless tobacco, or marijuana? Yes both Marijuana and smokeless tobacco can be quit by using Hypnotherapy. 
  • Will I quit the first session? Most people quit all together or cut way down after the first session. (Results may vary).
  • What is it like to be hypnotized? Here is a link to the Hypnotherapy FAQ
  • How many sessions Does it take? You will see us once & in most cases that will be the last time you smoke. You will also receive a take home audio to help make sure you never start again.
  • Do you Guarantee Results? No. There is know way to guarantee results there are many factors that decide the success of each person. We tailor each session specifically to the persons need & we see a great amount of success. 

Still Have Questions? The easiest way to get an answer to your question is through text message 678-785-4322 Please allow up to a hour for a response, more if texting us after business hours.

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