No need to Suffer any longer.

"Discover how easy it can be to quit smoking"

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Are you tired of always saying "I'm going to Quit!" but never actually do...

The same power that keeps you smoking eventhough you may not really want to is the same power that can have you quitting just as easily.

Our subconscious minds run the show... You put it on autopilot and it does almost everything for you.

You walk without thought. This once was something you thought very hard at. You may not remember now but years ago when you were getting started, you spent some time on your butt attempting to walk. You spent most of your day for weeks trying to perfect this now simple task that your subconscious performs without any conscious effort.

When you started riding a bike or driving a car you thought about every little detail. Little, by little, your subconscious learned what you wanted it to do and it started doing it for you... without your conscious thought.

So, the same powers that you trained to smoke for you now need to be trained not to.

You can do this a number of ways such as "cold turkey" and we all know how that works out.

Ok, how about weening yourself off? That goes good until of course, stress. Cold turkey works for a few days, or maybe a week, until life catches up and throws a stressful situation right in the middle of the room. Then what happens?

To retrain your subconscious you could go through the long process that you took to train it to smoke.

One at a time slowly weening yourself back over days, weeks or months. Stopping one cigarette at a time hopping nothing happens to get you smoking again. You could also choose to replace one habit with the other. Gums, patches, pills, or Vapes

Or, you can utilize the powers of your subconscious to reprogram this habit from within.​ No Pain! No Nic Fit!

Imagine how nice it would feel to wake up knowing you were no longer attached to those smelly things.

Imagine how freeing the feeling to finally wake up one morning without the thought of a puff on a gross cigarette. This is the feeling our clients treat themselves to. Buy deciding to take the plunge and trying something new they find the freedom they longed to have.

In as little as one session you could be free. 

There are no ill side effects of hypnotherapy, unlike many of the quit smoking aids on the market.

For well less than the cost of a month of cigarettes you could have the freedom and the health... oh, and the money that cigarettes are robing from you.

So, How Does it all work?

Hypnotherapy is a widely used tool. This tool is used by doctors, dentists, psychologists, and other mental help professionals. You can learn all about hypnosis at the American Association of Hypnotherapists

You can also find more answers to you questions on our Quit Smoking FAQ page. Or, Feel free to call us. 

We know what its like to have the frustration of knowing you are hurting yourself. Yet, to this point have found no way to stop. We know!

We know you are killing your heart, your lungs, your muscles, well pretty much you are killing you. Over some silly habit!

Thats why we do what we do. We know that hypnotherapy is a true and helpful answer to freeing yourself from tobacco and paper. That silly habit that has so many tied down.

What Should I Expect?

  • In Office. You will on your first visit in most cases quit smoking. (this session is approximately 90 minutes) We will guide you through this easy process. You will do almost nothing we do all the work. Just sit back and relax.
  • Take Home. To make sure you have your best results we also include a take home audio designed to help you if or when you need it. this audio is to help you never touch those silly things again.
  • Weeks to come. Clients report that within the first week or so their sense of smell and taste start to return. This usually follows by starting to breath easier and have more energy. You can expect that once you are a permanent ex-smoker you will enjoy many tastes and experiences that you would have most likely missed because of smoking. Enjoy the true FREEDOM of being a Ex-Smoker

Yes, It's Finally Time To Get Back Your Life Quit Smoking

Hypnotherapy is a proven solution for helping quit smoking.

You no longer have to worry about the pain of quitting smoking. No patches, gums, shots or pills. No Nic fits or weight gain. You can truly, easily find your freedom by accessing the same power that keeps you smoking in the first place.

  1. Sit back & Relax: There is nothing special you have to do. You simply sit back relax and one of our hypnotherapists will guide you down the path of freedom
  2. No Pain: Many of the products that are so called help also come with side effects. Hypnotherapy comes with no side effects other than a good nights sleep.
  3. Quit Today: Gums, pills patches and vapes are all designed to help you ween off of cigarettes. Hypnotherapy can help you set those cigarettes down the day of your appointment.

See what some of our customers have to say:

Who says it's to late?

I thought cigarettes would be the death of me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this amazing program. I just want anyone that is thinking of using hypnosis to quit smoking, stop thinking about it. This will be the last thing you need to try. It Works! I quit after 30 years. You can too.

Peter Smart Telcom

Finally FREE, So Cool!

It seems like it should be easy to quit smoking especially when it is so bad for you. Well I tried just about everything sometimes making it a few months. I have made it now 1 year and haven't thought a thing about smoking even when I drink and hang with people that smoke. I love it. I truly am a Permanent Ex-Smoker.

Thanks Wayne.

Alvin Price

I Feel Good!

I can not believe that this worked. I have tried everything for over 15 years to quit this stupid habit. It feels so good to be rid of them. Thank you so much.. wooohoo!

Rhonda M.

Book your Freedom, Now, Just $129!(for a limited time) Reg. $199

Yes, Everyone can be Hypnotized. 

At this point most people have either made their decision or they have one last question. "Can everyone be hypnotized?" Yes. Some are harder than others but, that said, if you are willing and listen and follow directions you will find that everyone can and most likely already have bee hypnotized.

One Last thing.

Please don't worry about all of the clucking like a chicken or that you might not remember what you have done. Hypnotherapy is nothing like the stage shows that you may have seen. We are professionals trained to help you, not entertain you. Your experience will be a safe and enjoyable one.

"It is our true joy to help anyone who wants to be a permanent ex-smoker become one. We know what it is like to be tied down by something as silly as paper and tobacco”

Wayne M.