We Understand How Important It Is To You To Finally FREE Yourself from the Prison of Smoking

That's why we have refined a system that utilizes some of the strongest hypnotic techniques to help you quit smoking without the stress and weight gain associated with quitting cold turkey.


Hypnotherapy Can Help You Quit Smoking .

We, here at West Georgia Hypnotherapy find great joy in helping our clients kick the Smoking Habit, many of us being "Permanent Ex-Smokers" ourselves we know how good it feels to be FREE. We want to help as many people as we possibly can to be free from smoking.

Hypnotherapy has helped thousands of people world wide kick the habitual habit of smoking cigarettes. You could be the next.

We Know how much you just want to feel better, breath better, & have the energy to live the life you deserve.

Smoking can easily have you feeling stupid, out of control and helpless. Hypnotherapy can help give you back what you once had, Control. 

Here are a few things that could change for you when you quit smoking cigarettes.
  • Breath Easier
  • Circulation Improves
  • Decreased Risk of Heart-attack 
  • Blood Pressure Can Improve
  • Sense of Taste improves
  • Sense of Smell Improves
  • Save Money
  • Walking & Getting Around Become Easier.
  • Less Risk of Disease

One other thing that we understand is that it is very hard to spend more money on this silly habit.

Especially if you have tried other things like gums, & patches or even prescriptions from your doctor.

All of what hypnotherapy has to offer can easily sound to good to be true. We  Understand, remember we stopped smoking with hypnotherapy, our friends, our families, and our clients have all stopped thanks to hypnotherapy. 

We know that making that leap of faith once again can be scary. You don't want to get your hopes up to be let down again.​

Did you know these people quit with Hypnotherapy?

Matt Damon

After filming Oceans Twelve Matt quit smoking cigaretts uing hypnotherapy and had this to say about it.

It's amazing I didn't even want cigaretts anymore, I should have done it years ago, using hypnosis was one of the greatest desicions of my life.

Ellen DeGeneres

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It was easy. I really did not have to do any work and it was instant. Better than having to taper off or going thru classes.

Mainly I would recommend it and have to my friends because it is so easy, and Wayne is a very pleasant person.

Wish I had done it years ago!

Cathy Mourey Smoking

DISCLAIMER: Hypnotherapy is intended for self help purposes and should never be used as a replacement for proper medical care. You should always consult a doctor before making major changes to diet, or exercise or with any medical concerns. We do not in any way make a guarantee on  results. Individual results may vary.

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