Gastric Band Hypnotherapy FAQ

Hypnotherapy Vs. Surgery

Why choose Gastric Band Hypnotherapy over Surgery?

  • Risk: With Surgery & Anesthesia there is always a risk of injury, infection, or even death. With a hypnotic procedure there is no risk at all of infection, injury, or death.
  • Price: A surgical procedure to insert a gastric band can cost upwards of $18,000.00 and the time off of work. Where as Gastric Band Hypnotherapy only costs $1299 with no time off of work for recovery.
  • Recovery: Some clients do feel some discomfort in their abdomen even after a hypnotic procedure. With Surgery you can expect to be down for 1 full day for surgery and 1 to 2 days of recovery. With Hypnotherapy you can go back to work directly after your procedure.
  • Success Rate: Here is where it gets very interesting. There have been studies that show a higher success rate in the hypnotic procedure. Here is another interesting thought near 50% of the people that get a gastric band eventually have it removed according to Bariatric Surgery Source. On top of that it can cost up to $15000.00 to have it removed.

Hypnotherapy continues to show high success for weight loss. According to the best Hypnotherapists in the industry & as seen on Dr. Oz 7 out of 10 see success with weight loss hypnotherapy. 

    • What is it like to be hypnotized? Here is a link to the Hypnotherapy FAQ
    • How much can I lose? Remember that results do vary. That said, when you change the way you are eating, and how much you are eating, along with getting rid of some of the things that cause you to eat, you should see a substantial change in your weight. Some see results faster than others and there are factors like exercise that speed up the process of losing. When you become a client we will tailor the process to help you have the best possible experience.
    • How many sessions Does it take? You must be willing to make a 5 session commitment. In some cases more sessions are required. Sessions are split up as follow: Week 1- 2 sessions on back to back days (approx. 2 hours ea.)Week 2- 2 sessions on back to back days (approx. 2 hours ea.). Follow up: 1 session as follow up and adjustment 4 weeks from last session. 

    Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

    No Surgery Needed.


    • 5 total sessions (4 sessions + 1 included followup)
    • 2 easy maintenance audio sessions
      • Do you Guarantee Results? No. there is no way to guarantee results there are many factors that decide the success of each person. We tailor each session specifically to the persons need & we see a great amount of success.
    Check out Julie she lost more than 150 lb. That's over half her body weight with Hypnotherapy.